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About Us

La Giaccaglia Giuliano & FIGLI s.r.l. was established in 1980, based in Umbria: “Green Heart of Italy”. His first goal was the processing of components for the construction of agricultural and operating machines, obtaining immediate and flattering results. To this, over time, the company joined the agricultural sector that, over the years, has developed and has now become the primary and driving sector where the same company invests and aims for the future. The distribution, over the years, has developed beyond the national borders, towards the entire Mediterranean basin, with peaks towards Africa, America, Australia and the Asian countries, giving a notable stimulus to the increase of the ranges and to perfecting the machines themselves thanks to the continuous enrichment of experiences. Our technicians, using this, as well as the collaboration of expert farmers and the aid of continuous testing in the field, make machines more and more suitable to meet the various needs, which make our machines a sure investment in any project of corporate modernization.

Our Mission

Every day we look for innovative solutions for customers


Safety is a very important aspect and we take it into consideration


We give constant assistance so that the customer is always satisfied

Our Timeline

a company in continuous growth, that without disdaining the past, looks fixed on the future.



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