double mounted rotary rake


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double mounted rotary rake

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double mounted rotary rake

The GRSP double mounted rotary rake is equipped with a steering pull with stabilizers that allows it to adapt to the terrain profile Thanks to its generous working width and low weight, it can be easily moved even on lands with considerable gradients. The main features of the GRSP is to move the forage located under the machine frame, this is possible thanks to the reduced distance between the two impellers. The oil-immersed cam impellers have the ability to oscillate independently from one another and are equipped with a tandem axle of considerable width which gives it optimal ground adaptation and translates into a high level of collection. As for all our serious randlers the GRSP is equipped with drive shaft with free wheel to protect the conical pair from eventual brushes. Closure of the impellers easy and intuitive equipped with closing with hydraulic safety lock The GRSP differs in two versions: GRSP / 699 equipped with TWO gear box with 9 arms and each equipped with 4 springs GRSP / 711 equipped with TWO gear boxs with 11 arms and each equipped with 4 springs The machine can be equipped with tables and signal lights for safety in the various movements



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